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AlgidThorn is a Pale white, juvenile Tom with thick, ruffled fur. His eyes are a pale, glossy ice blue and black fur is tinted around his muzzle, ear tips, paws, and tail. He has three claw marks down the left side of his muzzle.

Petalwish is a short furred brown she cat with a long tail. Her eyes are a shining emerald green and her paws are a pale brown.

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cs asking questions about it such as ’what doefter Breezekit gets too curious and he falls into the Torrent, leaving Algidkit to save him. of course - being the stubborn kit he is, Algidkit goes to save Breezekit to prove to his mother and leader that he can be a warrior - but instead of doing a big heroic thing, Algidkit blacks out underneath the water whilst trying to save Breezekit. Algidkit wakes up again to find himself in the medicine den, the medicine cat, Moonshine is tending to him. He asks if Breezekit’s okay and she nods, after Algidkit walks out, unscathed the clan leader, Sootstar, calls a clan meeting. Algidkit And Petalkit Wait at the front, ready to get their apprentice names. Sootstar calls up Petalkit, who is apprenticed to Springpelt - but as Algidkit waits for his apprentice name, Moonshine says he’ll become a medicine cat - Algidkit is highly disappointed, so after the ceremony he goes to confront Sootstar about becoming a medicine cat instead of a warrior. In the end, Sootstar says that Algidkit must become a medicine cat.

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